Mama's Kitchen- How It Works

Customized delivery that fits your family's individual needs!

You choose the frequency - delivery once, twice or three times a week. All deliveries are Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

You choose the quantity - individual portions - includes one serving plus an extra portion for later OR family portions - includes six servings

Choose your add-ons - custom tea blends, sweet treats and snacks

E-mail to schedule your free phone consultation...


During our free consultation, we will discuss your needs, dietary preferences, favorite foods and treats!

All ingredients are organic and local and fair trade when possible. All meals are custom-made and can be vegetarian, vegan, paleo, gluten free, dairy free, nut free to suit your individual needs.

Meals might be soups or stews with fresh bread, curries with rice and dahl, smoothies, treats, and customized tea blends, depending on your taste. 

I use my knowledge about women's bodies postpartum to incorporate ingredients to support mamas in this tender time including foods and herb to boost milk supply, to balance hormones, to warm the body, to give energy for nursing mothers, to support deeper sleep, and these foods are also healthy and supportive for other family members as well.

You choose the frequency, from daily to weekly and I will deliver personalized, freshly made meals to your doorstep, I will leave the food in glass jars and containers in coolers with instructions for reheating which you will bring in and warm and enjoy and share with your family or savor alone in a quiet opportune moment.

Then you will leave the used dishes and containers outside- no need to wash them, and I will collect them when I drop off your next meal.