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Marissa provides a wonderfully warm and welcoming sound healing experience!

I'm a relative newbie to less traditional healing modalities and I've found Marissa's presence instantly puts me at ease. I absolutely love the sound healing she does with crystal bowls. It quiets down my busy brain and helps my body deeply relax. I also appreciate the ceremony and grace she brings to her healing.

I wholeheartedly recommend her individual sound healing sessions!

-Amy, Portland

"Marissa is a natural healer. I knew after only a few moments working with her, that she was meant to be doing this work. I felt as if her hands were still warming my body and filling me with light, long after she was done working with me. Since my last session, I've felt lighter, and happier and more able to tackle the road ahead. I'm so grateful for the work she is doing and I can't recommend her highly enough."


-Molly Mandelberg, founder of Wild Hearts Rise Up


"When I first came to Marissa for my Reiki session, I was feeling overwhelmed, sad and just meh. After my session, I felt lighter, happier and my body was buzzing! I'm definitely coming back for more Reiki! Marissa rocks!"


 -Diana Dorell, spiritual mentor and author of The Dating Mirror: Trust Again, Love Again

"Marissa is truly a remarkable person. I feel I can trust her completely and fully relax in her presence. I don't really understand how it works, but after a session with her I feel like a vital part of me has received some much needed care."


~ Chris, Portland Oregon

"The loving care Marissa puts into her healing work always leaves me feeling deeply cared for, and her reiki is just plain powerful! She is a true healer."


~ Jessica, Massachusetts

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"I really enjoyed my session with Marissa. I was having some neck and back pain when we started the session; by the end, not only was the pain significantly eased but I felt peaceful, refreshed, and alive. Marissa has a wonderful gentle loving touch- I remember thinking how much I would love it if she would come hold my feet for 5 minutes every day! Very grateful for this warm-hearted healer."


~ Bailee Sims, Berkeley, California

"Marissa is a soft-hearted healer whose authentic intention to help people is apparent from the instant you meet her and only becomes more profound when in a Reiki session. Her deep care and love for her clients is felt and appreciated. From the moment I laid on the table, I felt safe, cared for, and respected which allowed my body to easily open to deep relaxation and restoration. The session was so peaceful, calming, and beautiful. I just let go and became an observer of my own experience. I was so grateful for the opportunity to give my mind a rest and just be, to let myself be taken care of, and to engage in authentic self-care. Marissa is wonderful and I highly recommend anyone seeking a professional and genuine Reiki practitioner to check her out. Energy work is profound and you want to choose your practitioner wisely - Marissa was a wise choice for me."


-Sam Szynskie, Portland Oregon

"I suffer from anxiety and when I get Reiki from Marissa I am brought to a place of love, calmness and peace. When she is done my mind and body feel totally relaxed and able to focus."


~ Lisa, New Jersey


"During my reiki session with Marissa I was in a state between dreaming and being awake. It relaxed my whole body and mind and afterwards I felt very balanced and calm."


~ Lena, Berlin Germany


"Marissa has such a warm, open-hearted way about her! People always seem to feel comfortable with her, she has such a beautiful presence! Her Reiki is gentle but very effective, and she has helped me on my path of self-healing many times."~ Barbara, registered nurse, Massachusetts

"Marissa is a powerful healer and a deeply empathetic, sensitive being. When I lie down to receive reiki from her, I feel fully embraced in her open, accepting, and grounded energy. I feel safe and cared for. She is a clear, bright channel for the energies and after a reiki session from her my heart feels blown open. My anxiety is much lower and I am much more at east with myself and others. I highly encourage you to see her! I have great confidence in her ability to help you heal and to open your heart."


~ Tegan, Portland, Oregon

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