Mama's Kitchen Story

I often still think about the first meal I had after my daughter was born and the first weeks worth of meals. Just says “I still dream about the food that was brought to me in my earlier post partum time “it’s such a special time, dreamy and sweet and the food is such an important part

 I love to cook so much and it was so hard for me to surrender, I would just be in the Kitchen trying to make a sandwich and my husband would be following me around with the baby screaming while I scrambled to prepare food. I spent months cooking and freezing food that we went through weirdly fast. We had a meal train for the first two months and it was the most nourishing and sweetest part of being cared for my our community. People left food on our doorsteps, we didn’t even have to talk to anyone, it was so wonderful! Everything tasted great.

 I am made and froze a lot of food for myself but then found I really wanted fresh and Cesar food, something was telling me that getting it fresh would really get all the live nutrients of the food we want to spend as last time and are thinking mind as possible, being in the body, going with the flow, feedings napping feeding ourselves. For me one of the best parts of my day was going to the door and having a cooler waiting with fresh bait food, soup and bread for me. A lot of people don’t have that sort of regular support that is so neededAnd so here is my service