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Marissa Leigh is a sound healer, Reiki Master-Teacher, sacred ceremony holder and song-keeper whose passion is in providing people with a restful and nourishing space to return home to themselves.


Some time ago she used to be a perpetual wanderer, spending years overseas, seeking and feeling a sense of deep longing for something more. At some point life began to seriously lack magic and joy and she started experiencing constant anxiety. After a long and difficult trip she visited her hometown where she begrudgingly joined her mom for her first sound bath.


The sound of the crystal bowls opened her heart wide and let her feel the immense anger she hadn't known she had been carrying and feeling it helped it finally flow. She found herself laughing the whole way home with her mom and felt lighter than she had in a long time. That same week she was introduced to Reiki, meditation and yoga and began to feel the magic of the world around and within her where previously had been skepticism and disconnection. She immediately rooted herself and shifted her exploring to her inner world in a life-altering way as her anxiety and disconnected feelings gradually melted away. She became certified as a Reiki Master and Teacher and began dreaming of using this medicine to help others.



Later that year she was hospitalized with life-threatening pneumonia and following many days of treatment showed no signs of improvement. That is until several friends visited the hospital and gave her Reiki healing. The next day she finally showed signs of improvement and began to mend. Blown away by the healing powers she experienced so intimately, she realized that she wanted to be sharing this magic with the world. After 3 months of slow recovery, she quit her job and pursued a full-time Reiki practice.

Many intensive meditation retreats taught her the deep importance of self-awareness and the freedom we have when we welcome all of our emotions, thoughts and body experiences without resistance. She incorporates this knowledge and understanding into her practice as well as the use of 8 crystal singing bowls, shamanic practices, crystal healing, sacred ritual and song. She provides gentle guidance for individuals to open fully to themselves to allow their bodies, minds and hearts to heal what they feel must be healed. This looks different for everyone but is in essence allowing ourselves to return fully to experiencing the joy of our true being exactly as it is.

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