Energy Healing

Reiki is a very gentle healing modality that works on an energetic level and has many physical and emotional benefits. It promotes deep relaxation which is essential to your body’s healing process and which we rarely experience in our daily lives.

Between the stress of work, relationships, the continual tension surrounding politics in our world and the constant pull to be plugged in at all times, there is much pressure from the outside world. A Reiki session is a time to unplug and return to yourself and your own body and experience. It is a time to calm and soothe the mind and body and let it begin to heal itself deeply

During our session you will rest your body on a warm and comfortable massage table. You will be invited to close your eyes and I will gently place my hands on you and direct energy into your body. I invite you to let go and trust your body.

I offer 60 minute sessions for $75. Click here to contact me with questions or to schedule a session!

Individual Sound Healing Sessions

You are invited to join me in my private healing space where I will place the crystal bowls around your body and play them for you. I may feel guided to place smaller bowls on your body and play them so that you can feel the vibrations inside your body.

I use eight crystal singing bowls, chimes, rattles, drums and songs. The crystal bowls create a powerful, resonant sound which we hear with our ears and vibrations that are felt with our entire body and being. Each of these bowls is tuned to a different tone which affects different parts of our body and energy centers.

The medicine of these bowls is grounding and clearing, helping us quiet our minds and open our hearts. This allows space for our body, mind and spirit to return to harmony. This harmony supports our body’s natural healing process. A sound bath is a peaceful entry into re-alignment with our heart’s center

I offer 60 minute sound healing sessions for $95. Click here to contact me with questions or to schedule a session!