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Mama's Kitchen

Postpartum Meal Delivery Service

spices on spoon

I am proud to prepare comforting, nourishing food that I hand-make with love and infuse with Reiki in the Earth Mama Medicine Kitchen. Where cauldrons of fragrant, steaming stew simmer and baskets of warm, freshly baked bread are just waiting to be delivered to wary, resting families...

New families- new mamas especially, need good nutrition. Out of necessity and not knowing how to plan, many mamas end up going long periods without eating and eventually eating whatever is lying around or ordering pizza when they don't know what else to do and are decision fatigued. One of the worst things for a new parent is to be locked to the sofa or in bed feeding or holding your sleeping baby all day and night with no food or drinks!


As new parents we give so so much of ourselves to nurture and nourish our babies. It is a challenge to also nourish and take care of ourselves and often we don't think about it until we are starving or realize that we haven't gone to the bathroom in four hours!


In many other cultures, it is commonplace for family and community members to nurture and nourish new mamas and parents during this precious postpartum time.


One of the simple and basic yet most important ways to do this is through food. For many of us living in our society, we don't have this kind of support readily available and that is why Earth Mama's Kitchen was created!




Comfort food at its best - organic homemade ramen noodles with crispy fried organic tempeh!

Cultures around the world have long-honored the postpartum period as an opportunity to support the vitality and wellbeing of new mothers by providing them with nourishing foods and space for their bodies to rest and recover. In the absence of a village, postpartum nourishment is often the first thing to go as new parents juggle a million new responsibilities! My intention is to provide you with nutrient-dense, warming, comforting, nourishing foods that will support your postpartum healing, and subsequently your future health while freeing you up to be with your new baby. All food is hand-made with love and infused with Reiki and includes ingredients to support new mamas in this tender time by balancing hormones, boosting milk supply and blood circulation, and supporting overall muscle and tissue recovery and replenishment. My cooking is a blend of my own magic and wisdom and also influenced by traditional Ayurvedic postpartum wisdom, traditional Chinese medicinal properties, and by the principles of Weston A Price.

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