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December's Transitions & My Final Events!

Hello Dear Community!

We are just a week away from the Winter Solstice, the shortest and darkest day of the year. In past times this was held as a sacred time to go within our homes and ourselves, to be with the quiet and darkness as we hibernated and rested our weary bodies and minds.

Things are a bit different in this time and place; bright lights, commercials, movies, shopping malls and working overtime are the norm for many of us this month as we move through the Solstice.

As the days grow shorter and the temperature drops, as the rain increases and the holiday season energy gains momentum, I hope that you are finding ease and nourishment through your days. It can be such a gift to ourselves to slow down and to settle into the darkness while it is here, to turn inwards, to find quiet space to allow our minds to rest and our hearts to unfold. 

As winter is approaching, I am furthering my journey towards passage into motherhood, with only 8-ish weeks to go! More and more I am viewing this journey from maiden to mother as a sacred rite of passage.

To align the course with the path of a common rite of passage, pregnancy is the time of separation from previous life, beginning to accept that we are no longer who we have been, the process of leaving the village to set off on the journey alone. The birth itself is the "ordeal", the vision quest, and afterwards I will return from the mountain to my village and share the wisdom I have gained during this journey.

I feel that I will be connecting deeply with the core nature and sacredness of divine feminine energy and I look forward to bringing back what I've learned and integrating it with my community and bringing the gifts it into my healing work!

In other news, I am also really excited to share the newest addition to my magical healing toolkit, alchemy bowls! It is beautiful timing, beginning to journey with these sacred instruments during this big transition and just before my leave.

Alchemy bowls are crystal singing bowls that are made of different crystals mixed together, rather than just quartz crystals. These five are made of rose quartz, selenite, apopholite, grandfather pipestone, and platinum! This alchemy of the different crystals gives us the medicine of each stone as well as the healing sounds and vibrations they make. 

These bowls sing with such a pure and high vibration! I’ve been feeling that high vibrations that lift our spirits and energy up are so so needed right now. They weave so beautifully with the grounding and earthy energy of the classic frosted bowls I already play.

I can't wait to share these bowls and their amazing light with you all!!

I'm also really excited to be finishing up this month by holding space together with my partner who will be co-leading two Solstice Drum and Sound Bath Journeys with me next weekend! It has been a dream of ours for years to hold healing space together as a couple, to combine feminine and masculine energy in a healing space and we are really happy to be doing it together before I take my leave!

Drum journeys can be really powerful and these ones will be special as we will journey with the sacred heartbeat of the buffalo and bear drum to find and connect with our own inner light during this time of darkness and combine it with a nourishing and heart-opening crystal bowl sound bath!

I really hope to connect with each and every one of you and share sacred space with you this month and once again when I return in the spring!!

Love and light to you as we move into this season of darkness,

Marissa Leigh

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