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Winter Solstice: Spiraling Into Our Center 🌟 🌀 ❄

Hello Dear Community! 

Here we are just a couple of days away from the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year in this part of the world.

Once upon a time, the Winter Solstice was honored by many as a time to pull inward for peace and reflection, to spend most of our time at home, processing all that we experienced during the last year

as it nears its close.

This was a time to live simply, spending more time sleeping, cooking, eating warm food. As with our animal friends, the cold called us to move more slowly, to be with the quiet and darkness as we hibernated and rested our weary bodies and minds.

Things are a bit different in this time and place; bright lights, loud commercials, busy shopping malls and working overtime are the norm for many of us this month as we move through the Solstice.

A lot of people feel overstimulated and depleted during this precious time that Mother Nature invites us to rest and reflect.

In a lot of ways it makes sense to move towards the light and surround ourselves with it in any way we can; it is cold and dark and diving into our shadows is a daunting process.

We truly need the accompaniment of the light, and part of what we can find when we are given the space is that only by going deeply into the shadows and darkness can we find our own capacity to create light within and around us. 

Practically speaking, it can be so challenging to find time in our busy lives to make space like people used to during this time. If you are able to this Saturday on the Winter Solstice, I encourage you to make some space in your day honor this powerful day and to move more slowly or allow yourself to be still and to take some time to be alone if possible.

Here are some things you could do to honor the Solstice:

 *Sit quietly by yourself for a few minutes and reflect on the events of the past year  *Light a candle and say a prayer to call in your inner light *Go for a walk alone and notice the sights and smells around you *Gather things from nature and make a Solstice altar in your home *Listen to a guided meditation with your headphones on *Close your eyes and focus on your next five breaths (or the next single breath if that's what you have time for)

 The intention to make space to reflect and to call upon your inner light is what is important so honor it in as big or small of a way as feels right to you!

If we seek and cultivate the light within us we can feel the warmth and brightness that is always there, even when we are surrounded by darkness!

If you are looking for a warm indoor space to cozy up with warm blankets, soft pillows and heart-centered community join me for a sound healing ceremony this winter as we burn our own lights even more brightly together through the dark season! 

I am particularly excited about some new offerings including the Women's Full Moon Circle & Sound Healing I am now holding monthly!

I will be collaborating with my dear soul sister Rachel Hines of Sister Space again to offer a four week series of facilitated conversations, exercises, meditations and sisterhood in our Sister Space: Real Conversations Series. We will also be resuming our Restorative Yoga & Sound Healing classes in the new year and I will be offering sound baths for new parents with their babies at Portland Doula Love!

I hope that you find all the ease and nourishment you need through the big holidays and remember to give yourself the gift of slowing down and settling into the darkness while it is here, to turn inwards, to find quiet space to allow your body, mind and heart to rest. 

May we all be peaceful as we journey within and may we return with clarity and wisdom.

May we hold with love and respect the seeds within ourselves that we will continue to nurture as the light returns! ✹💜

Sending light and ease to you as we move into this season of darkness,

Marissa Leigh

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