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Summer Blessings!

Warmest of summer greetings to you dear friends!

I took some time off to honor the sacred rite of passage of my marriage and am just returning to the city. I am feeling so inspired, deeply honored and humbled, with my heart wide-open! 

My partner and I stood in the center of a of a beautiful mandala made of cedar, lavender and crystals , surrounded by a circle of our loved ones for our ceremony. We asked our community to sing to us and to individually give blessings on our sacred union.

It was such a gift to show ourselves and our intentions so vulnerably to our community and to be held with so much love and respect for doing so. I feel even more committed to showing up whole-heartedly and in my full truth and to share my heart and love with everyone around me. 

As we walked in and met in the center of the circle everyone sang:

"May your love grow, May it heal your wounds, May it spread across the earth like sunshine, May your love grow..."

This beautiful song was written by our friend Katie Sontag of Eugene and while we took it in deeply as a blessing for our marriage, I was sending it back out to everyone else in the room. I have been singing this song to myself ever since as a silent blessing to all those around me as I walk through the world. The words, written by Katie, feel like they were taken from my own heart. This is my sincere prayer for all of you today!

Each and every one of us need all of our love right this moment!! The world is waiting for us...

Wishing you all deep, deep love and peace, Marissa Leigh

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