Hello and welcome! My name is Marissa and I want to welcome you with all my heart; I am here to hold space for you on this journey you are on.

We are all born into this world, perfectly whole and in touch with the goodness of our true nature. As we grow, we are shaped by the world around us, our culture, family karmic patterns. Through our experiences, we can lose touch with our connection to our innate wholeness and with that the freedom and joy of our true being. I invite you to join me in a space beyond all of these layers.

When our minds are able to let go and our thoughts and worries cease we are able to truly rest. When we rest in this way we cultivate trust in our body’s natural ability to heal. We become in tune once again with our soul’s natural rhythm and our inner wisdom and intuition. We touch an unshakeable peace that is always there, underneath everything.